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childhood love

I still remember those days when you and me together still remembers the games we play and nights i spend with you watching tvs playing games on your tv still remember that plane games we used to fight to play first i remember the day when you fall down from moumty(cement slid on our roof) to the roof and hurt your forehead still remember the games we use to play in my home those girls game that others boys never play much i still remember when we play games and you love to be my wife have small home under dining table in my home i remembers all of that but hope one day you will remember how much happy i m with you


one day i heard i have new born cousin and she is almost 2 years younger then me and since the day i saw you i fall in love with you those cute eyes always make me happy and whenever you called my name from your lips its lighten my world i was so happy with her time pass slowing and we getting older and each day my love for you is getting more and more and i still remember when we used to play game and you was always be my wife and i never thought to live without you time pass fast and before i do something you was gone so far from me i try to forget about my feeling about you but i never get to the place where i can take a breath without you and then i realize to forget you i have to stop breathing and in same time i was trying to look about you when you visit here i try to talk with you as much as i can but we never be alone so i can tell you how do i feel about you even this time i try many time but never get chance and when i finally get change i lostChildhood-love-quotes-5 you already now tell me what should i do without you how do i live sometime i try to shutdown my self but i cant my love for you is getting more day by day and even we are not talking i cant forget you there is not a single second pass without thinking about you


ABOUT my Friend

hi friends i m back with one of original love life story

my friend who lived so near to us was fall in love when he was around 10 years old with his neighbor the first time when he saw her he go crazy he was playing with his cousins on the roof when he saw her drowning something with her cousins but he was so young and that’s long ago like 2000 that time kids dont know much about how to impress a girl so he ask his aunt to write I LOVE YOU with her name and make a paper plane and waiting for her and her cousins go down so he can send the plane to her roof and hope that she can see it and read is after a long wait when then sun goes down and they go down he send it and wait to see what happened